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10,000 Facebook Post Likes

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Benefits of Buying Facebook Likes on SOMEFAME

News Feed Visibility
Ekaterina Walter, social media strategist for Intel said it best, “If you don’t have any likes or comments you can pretty much count on your updates not being seen.” No audience engagement = no visibility.

Likes Mean Social Proof
Remember the story of the two ice cream shops? If you were looking for an amazing ice cream cone and came across two shops side by side, one with a line out the door and the other that was empty, which one would you be drawn to? Probably the one with all the people because it HAS to be good right? If someone comes to your fan page and all they see is your posts down the entire page with no engagement from your audience, there really isn’t too much motivation to like the page. People are a lot more likely to interact if they see others already doing it.

Blogs with Facebook likes integrated into their posts generate more traffic
Now that Facebook has allowed websites and blogs to integrate the Like button into every post, Fan page owners are able to increase exposure to Facebook networks of every person that likes a post. When you click on the like button on a blog post, it automatically shows up in your news feed just like it would if you were to share a link.