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Why Should You Buy LinkedIn Likes on SOMEFAME?

More visitors
When people see that your post has a lot of likes, they become more interested. The high number of likes is a clue for other LinkedIn members that your content is interesting and valuable. They don’t have time to read every post on LinkedIn, but yours with many likes might be worthy to check out. Buying more LinkedIn likes can get you more visitors!

More engagement
When your audience sees that you have many likes on your LinkedIn post, it’s more likely that they like it too, because people tend to copy other’s behavior. The more likes your post has, the more additional likes it attracts. Putting the first like there is always harder than joining your fan club. Buying more LinkedIn likes can get you even more likes!

More Visibility
When your post has many likes, LinkedIn’s algorithm will grant it more visibility in your network. The news feed and the notifications are filtered, your connections don’t get notification of everything you post. That is why your content needs many likes to show the algorithm that it’s worthy of wider visibility. Buying LinkedIn likes can boost the visibility of your posts!

More Influence
When you position yourself as an expert, a thought leader, you must have many followers to support your statements. Without likes, your posts look lonely and abandoned, but when you have many likes, your audience sees the confirmation of your expertise by your follower base. When you buy LinkedIn likes, your buy confirmation of your expert status!